Ilya Fedorov

and just a nice person

Painter of 4 miniatures

Good afternoon. My name is Ilya Fedorov. I am very glad that you turned the attention on the result of my labours. I live and work in Angarsk, very comfortable Siberian city. I will be very glad, if my works will not leave you to indifferent and with gladness I will consider any your suggestion on painting of figures. I engage in painting of figures already fifth year and for this time had time to do some work with many Russian producers, such as Chronos Miniatures, Altores Studio, Mercury Models and Soldiers of Fortune. Repeatedly was a prizewinner and winner of competitions on painting of miniature, also gained the lead on the Moscow exhibition Army on a palm in 2016 in a nomination painting of figures in a scale a 54 mm and higher. Pleasant viewing of my collection.

Location: Angarsk, Russia

Sculpt works by Ilya Fedorov

Показаны только недавние работы, для просмотра всех - перейдите к просмотру работ студии.
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