CMON Contest 22 - Classic Female Barbarian from Dark Sword Miniatures (Limited Edition)

  Following the success of our previous limited edition contest miniatures, Cool Mini Or Not is proud to partner with Dark Sword Miniatures and Jeff Grace to yet again. Dark Sword Miniatures is a multiple award winning pewter miniature company that produces premium fantasy miniatures based on the artwork of legendary artists such as Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Jeff Easley and Clyde Caldwell. In addition, Dark Sword Miniatures is also producing premium pewter miniatures based on the works of New York Times best-selling author George R.R. Martin. This miniature is only limited to 399 Worldwide, and 198 of them are available exclusively from our CMON shop. This is a one-time only offer, as once we sell through our initial allotment, we WILL NOT be able to get a restock as this is a strict limited edition miniature. The Dark Sword Miniatures Classic Female Barbarian will be used as our CMON contest miniature for June 2010. Dark Sword Miniatures will be offering prizes for the winners and selected participants.   Dark Sword Sponsored Prizes - 1st Place - $50 off their next CMON Dark Sword order 2nd Place - $30 off their next CMON Dark Sword order 3rd Place - $20 off their next CMON Dark Sword order 2 Random prizes - $10 off their next CMON Dark Sword order    If you are looking for something extremely limited and truly special as a gift for yourself or a fellow miniature painter, make sure you add this miniature to your collection while supplies last, as it will not be around very long. 

Scale 32mm

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