Abigayle - Blind Schnauzer Ranger with Bow

Painted by Jennifer Wojcik

Many years ago, at the start of our Critter Kingdoms miniature range, we immortalized our young Miniature Schnauzer dogs Abigayle and Savannah in pewter as a young Ranger and Paladin respectively. They have both since passed on to the great Schnauzer Hunting Grounds over the past few years. After Savannah passed on, I commissioned Viking Myke to do a piece of tribute art of them in the final years of their lives. Older, wiser and in the final season of their lives. Abby lost her eye site due to diabetes and so we had her blind in the tribute artwork as well. Savannah was ever the noble Paladin up until the very end. Dave Summers did his usual amazing job translating the 2-D art into a hand sculpted 3-D piece of art for each of them. Jennifer Wojcik did the honors of painting up their studio models for the Dark Sword collection. She did a breathtaking job on them. It is no surprise that even going through old pictures of our little furry family members brings out such strong emotions and memories about them. We miss them dearly. We have brought a new Miniature Schnauzer named Gabby into our home last summer to fill our home once again with the pitter patter of little dog paws and the joy that they bring. We will be bringing in a second puppy this summer as well (as two there are - just like the Sith) to give her a partner in crime. So the second generation of our house schnauzers has begun. In the meantime, we raise our mugs in honor of Abigayle and Savannah. I have also included real life pictures of them both in their prime. Little balls of energy they were.. Please note - each miniature is sold separately and are shown together in the artwork and one of the painted pictures for your viewing enjoyment as they were a team.

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