House Escher Collection

Collecting together the House Escher releases so far, this is a bundle for those who wish to rule the Underhives with speed, skill and precision. Included:

Necromunda: Escher Gang

A set of 10 plastic miniatures representing the House Escher gang, with a huge amount of variety and customisation:

- 10 bodies – 2 each of 5 unique designs – each wearing flak armour. These have been designed with specific weapon options in mind, though of course you are free to model them as you see fit;
- 18 heads – 2 each of 9 unique designs – 4 featuring respirator masks. There are 14 different hairpieces – 2 each of 7 different designs – which can fit onto whichever head you choose;
- Weapons! There are quite a lot of these: 6 lasguns, 8 laspistols, 6 stiletto blades, 2 shotguns, 4 power swords, 2 autopistols, 2 shock whips, 2 needler/bolters, 2 plasma pistols, 2 chem-throwers and 2 autoguns, along with additional frag, krak and choke gas grenades, 4 sheathed stiletto blades and 2 sets of chem-synth packs.

Supplied with 10 25mm Round bases, which feature sculpted textures that match the game board’s aesthetic.

Escher Gang Dice

Designed to match the Escher Gang from Necromunda Underhive, this set of 8 16mm dice are coloured in metallic purple and black, with yellow numbers and icons. The set includes all the dice you need to play Necromunda:

- 3 D6, featuring the Escher Gang’s logo on the 6;
- 2 Necromunda Ammo Dice, with ammo check marker;
- 2 Necromunda Injury Dice, with results ranging from light injury, flesh wound and death;
- 1 Necromunda Scatter Dice.

Escher Gang Cards

Necromunda: Underhive contains a number of Tactics cards, which can be used to represent the myriad tricks and schemes employed by the gangs. Expand your games of Necromunda: Underhive – whichever gang you play – with this set of 26 extra cards. Included:

- 8 Escher Tactics cards, which are for the exclusive use of the Escher gang;
- 12 Gang Tactics cards, which can be used by any gang in Necromunda: Underhive;
- 6 blank Fighter cards – perfect for the Champions and Leaders in your gang deck, these have been stamped with the House Escher crest.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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