Codex: Cult Mechanicus

Disciples of the Machine God.

Behold - the Cult Mechanicus approaches. A grim procession of augmented horrors and soulless automata, they bring not salvation, no message of peace; they are not interested in conversion to their creed. Their purpose is death, recorded and measured for later assimilation. Marching implacably from world to world, scorching the skies with the colossal energies they harness, the Tech-Priests of the Cult Mechanicus hum their machine-code prayers in bursts of eerie static as they drain the very bioelectricity itself from all who stand in their way. A sinister display of absolute, unshakeable faith wielding the most advanced technology in the Imperium - dare you oppose the will of the Omnissiah?

This eighty-page, full-colour hardback book contains:

  • Details, backstory and history of the Cult Mechanicus - their formation, motivations and purpose, with timelines giving you all you need to know on their place in the universe;
  • Colour schemes and heraldry for Cult Mechanicus a number of different forge worlds, with uniform information for a selection of legendary Kastelan Robot Maniples of the Legio Cybernetica;
  • Rules for a large range of Adeptus Mechanicus miniatures - Tech-Priest Dominus, Kataphron Battle Servitors(Breachers and Destroyers), Kastelan Robots and Electro-Priests (Fulgurite and Corpuscarii), plus several Cult Mechanicus formations;
  • The Canticles of the Omnissiah - a special rule that allows the Cult Mechanicus to channel their faith into acts of destruction.

Want to know more about the mysterious Tech-Priests? Fascinated by the life-leeching powers of the Fulgurites? Curious about the heretically fine line between robots and artificial intelligence? You need to get your mechadendrites on Codex: Cult Mechanicus, available in-store this Saturday or by pre-order using the link to the right.

The Cult Mechanicus is the ruling body of Tech-Priests who govern the affairs of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Spread across the length and breadth of the galaxy, they preside over myriad forge worlds, seek answers in the Quest for Knowledge and embark on countless holy crusades to rid the galaxy of those who oppose the will of the Machine God.

Codex: Cult Mechanicus plunges you into this strange dogmatic priesthood, immersing you in the weird and wonderful world of the Adeptus Mechanicus’s ruling classes. Along with plenty of background on the Tech-Priests, the Codex also includes loads of fabulous artwork, a new army list for the Cult Mechanicus, rules for units, weapons and wargear and loads of evocative shots of Citadel Miniatures. Here’s a peek at what you can find inside.

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