Blood Bowl Gouged Eye: Full Roster

Orcs have been playing Blood Bowl since the game was discovered – indeed it was an Orc who discovered the shrine where the sacred book of Nuffle was hidden. Orc teams are very hard-hitting, concentrating on pounding an opponent into the turf to create gaps through which the excellent Orc Blitzers can run. Indeed, if any fault can be found with Orc teams in general, it is that they sometimes spend a little bit too much time pounding the opposition, and not enough time running the ball to score!

This bundle contains a full team of 16 Blood Bowl players, with variant poses, along with balls and tokens. In this bundle you will find 6 Linemen, 4 Black Orcs, 3 Throwers and 3 Blitzers, from the following sets:

- 1 Gouged Eye Blood Bowl Orc Team (contains 12 plastic miniatures plus accessories)
- 1 Blood Bowl Orc Team Booster (contains 4 resin miniatures)

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