Craftworld Ulthwé Paint Bundle

The perfect bundle for all you Ulthwé collectors – here you’ll find all the paints you need to get your Aeldari miniatures painted up in the colours of this craftworld. 21 pots of high-quality Citadel paints are included:

- Zandri Dust
- Abaddon Black
- Mephiston Red
- Dark Reaper
- Ushabti Bone
- Stegadon Scale Green
- Carroburg Crimson
- Fenrisian Grey
- Seraphim Sepia
- Sotek Green
- Evil Sunz Scarlet
- Baharroth Blue
- Kindleflame
- White Scar
- Celestral Grey
- Guilliman Blue
- Gehenna's Gold
- Auric Armour Gold
- Reikland Fleshshade
- Runefang Steel
- Leadbelcher

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