Necromantic Horror Blood Bowl Team

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The dead do not rest easy. From haunted castles to sinister forests, undead creatures prowl the night and snatch unwary villagers from their beds. Well, some of them do. For the rest, there’s Blood Bowl! Many Necromancers, proficient at corpse-raising and flesh-crafting but lacking a real plan for how best to use their skills, realise that warm dugouts are a lovely alternative to musty tombs and dank barrows, and therefore decide to assemble a team of players (quite literally). Interestingly, a schism of sorts seems to have occurred, leading to two competing philosophies when it comes to raising an Undead team. Some Necromancers put their trust in the ancient dead, raising skeletons from mass graves and drawing lurching Mummies from their tombs to wreak havoc on opposing teams. Other Necromancers prefer a little more life in their team, buying the services of Werewolves with promises of fresh meat and stitching together hulking Flesh Golems from an assortment of cadavers.

This is a Blood Bowl team representing the Necromantic Horrors. It contains 12 metal miniatures, and includes 2 wights, 2 ghouls, 6 zombies, 1 flesh golem and 1 werewolf.

Supplied with 12 25mm slotted round bases. Blood Bowl rules for this team are available as a free PDF download in the tab on the right.

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Necromancer Blood Bowl Team

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