The latest creations from the crazed laboratories of Clan Moulder, Stormfiends are hulking brutes stitched together from a variety of body parts. Armed with a deadly array of experimental weaponry, they are able to wade through densely-packed enemies, or single-handedly halt enemy charges with blistering fire-storms.

This multi-part plastic kit makes three Stormfiends that can be assembled with a variety of weapon options. The three Stormfiends each have a unique pose, and warpstone armour that is different for each model. They are covered in all manner of pipes, cables, stitched skin and runes.

Each miniature has the option to be armed with a pair of one of the following: ratling cannon, grinderfists, doom-flayer gauntlets, shock gauntlets, warpfire projectors or windlaunchers.

The Skaven Stormfiends have 101 components and are supplied with three 50mm monster bases.

Wondering how to paint these brutes? Check out White Dwarf 51, which includes a four-page painting guide on how to paint everything from fur and skin to brass, iron and, most importantly, warpstone.

Stormfiends were once Rat Ogres, albeit bred larger and more powerful than ever before. Yet rat Ogres are inherently dumb and unreliable, requiring numerous Packmasters to continuously prod them in the right direction. Then Throt the Unclean, Master Breeder of Clan Moulder, came up with a plan. What if he combined the Packmaster with the Rat Ogre to create an unholy combination of rat, Skaven and Ogre? Chuck in a handful of warpstone shards, some Clan Skryre technology and a loincloth for modesty and voila: the Stormfiends.

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