Blood Bowl Goblin & Halfling Referees

These Blood Bowl Referees are available to order until 26th January 2017. Order yours now!

A surprisingly large number of Blood Bowl referees are Goblins. They're nimble enough to keep out of the players' way, beady-eyed enough to spot any misbehaviour, malicious enough to enjoy calling players out and morally flexible enough to always be up for a bribe or two. Of course, it's never a good idea to get on the wrong side of a Goblin (especially one with authority!), and players who resist being sent off usually find themselves on the wrong side of a surprisingly vicious beating – all officially sanctioned and above board, of course!

Halflings love Blood Bowl as much as anyone, but their slight stature and disinclination towards violence means they don't make the best players. For those that want to take part, though, there's always the Official route! Of course, the prospect of telling a nine-foot-tall troll that he's committed a foul tends to discourage a lot of candidates, so most Halfling referees that make it through training are singularly ill-tempered and unhinged, and generally have a bone to pick with all the bigger sorts who have been pushing them around all their lives.

Now, for a limited time, you can get your own referees to oversee your games of Blood Bowl and make sure that everything is above board... or at least that the appropriate bribes are paid. These referees are wonderful collector’s pieces that can be used to help remind you that the fouling rule is in play, or to call that game changing Illegal Procedure! Additional rules for using these referees in your games can be found in the January issue of White Dwarf.

This set includes two complete, single-piece resin models. Two 32mm round bases are also included.

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