Gundabad Ogres

Within the ranks of Azog’s Legions, the Gundabad Ogres are its shock troops. Fighting in pairs or sometimes even entire packs of lumbering creature, Gundabad Ogres crash into – and often straight through – the enemy lines to the ruin of all but the most stalwart warriors.

Gundabad Ogres are both a Monster and a Warrior for the Azog’s Legion army list, allowing you to take multiples of these vile creatures in your force. These mounds of heaving flesh wield great wooden clubs used to smash aside the broken corpses of their unfortunate victims. In the game, the Gundabad Ogres move further than most Warriors and can run through their own models, forcing their way into the fight – meaning that it is all but impossible to block them in and prevent them wreaking havoc upon their foes.

This set contains a Gundabad Ogre 1 and a Gundabad Ogre 2. The heads and club-wielding hands are completely interchangeable, allowing for a degree of customisation between the models.

This collection contains 2 complete, multipart resin kits. 2 50mm round bases are included.

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