Mars-Alpha Pattern Warbringer Titan Head

The Warbringer class of Titan is renowned for the many sub-variations of the class in use by the various Titan Legions active within the Imperium, and the most common pattern seen on the battlefields of the Great Crusade was the Nemesis. This immense war machine is designed to destroy enemy Titan-class targets at range, acting as a dedicated fire support platform in the maniples it is assigned to. However, sitting in between the more common Reaver and Warlord classes, its mass and firepower often see it assigned to the front lines of the battlefield alongside the various classes of Battle Titan. Its reinforced frontal plating allows it to weather most return fire with casual ease, and its defence batteries render it well-protected against aerial attacks, though its relatively light rear armour can leave it vulnerable to flanking attacks by ground vehicles.

This 21-part resin kit builds one complete head to be used on a Legio Titanicus Warbringer Nemesis Titan Body. The kit features internal detail for the Titan's command crew and includes optional parts for a Princeps Throne. Please note that the Warbringer Nemesis Titan Body is required to make full use of this kit.

Rules for using a Warbringer Nemesis Titan in your games of The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 can be found in the Rules tab.

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