Warpath Rulebook Collection

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The galaxy is a dangerous place. From the brutal pitches of the DreadBall Leagues to the war torn Battlezones of the Frontier, everything is up for the taking.
Within the GCPS, whole planets are sold, annexed or stripped to feed humanity's vast greed. the Forge Fathers implacably stand against them, fighting for resources and wealth, meanwhile the mysterious Asterians fight for their own agenda.
Threats long ignored, such as the terrifying Plague or the insidious Veer-myn, strike civilised worlds. Deadzones - enacted by the ruthless Enforcers, quarantine these threats from the rest of humanity.
As powerful races clash over the fate of whole worlds, devastating weapons, swift aircraft and formidable tanks are brought to bear. Mighty armies take to the Battlezones of the far future to fight for their leaders, as the galaxy is plunged into war.
Warpath is the two-player wargame where you engage an opposing army in a dynamic game of strategy and tactics. The rules come in two flavours; rules for mass battle games and a squad-level game with an emphasis on cinematic battles.
This set includes the full Warpath and Firefight rulebooks, including rules, army lists and scenarios for games set in the far future. It also includes the Warpath Sourcebook, which provides an unprecedented view of the depth of the Warpath universe, the races who live there and the state of warfare across the galaxy. All of these are combined within an exclusive slipcase.

Warpath is an exciting mass-battle wargame set in Mantic’s science-fiction universe. The players assume the role of a battlefield commander, overseeing the firefights and long-ranged engagements fought out by their futuristic armies. These armies – human, alien, robot or something in between – are represented by Mantic’s range of 30mm scale miniatures on a tabletop battlefield. The players must use all of their wits and make exciting tactical decisions to win the game.


This rulebook contains everything you need to know to play Warpath’s dramatic battles. Inside you will also find:
- six force lists for the races of the Warpath universe, from Asterians to Veer-myn.

- six highly tactical missions to put your forces to the test.

- an innovative Command system, designed to skilfully turn the tide of a battle.

- a plethora of characterful units, special rules and Orders to immerse you in the futuristic universe of Warpath.

Firefight is a medium-scale skirmish wargame set in the same exciting universe. It goes deeper into the action, zooming in and allowing you to decide the fate of your soldiers in smaller conflicts. The game focuses on squad-based action and individual soldiers, where the stakes are desperate and every bullet counts.

Firefight uses the Warpath miniatures range and shares some core mechanics, however the gameplay is more focused on the fate of individual units to ensure you have a totally different sci-fi gaming experience.


This rulebook contains everything you need to know to play Firefight’s strategic skirmishes. Inside you will find:
- a new take on the Warpath rules, presenting a new challenge with a familiar starting point.

- detail-oriented mechanics to make every soldier count.

- comprehensive terrain rules that tie in with Mantic’s Battlezones scenery range.

- customisable character equipment to make your unit leaders stand out.

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