Atifa, Nefsokar Cleric

Atifa was just beginning her apprenticeship to a mercenary wizard when Neb'nesew Ne'pet appeared on the breaking waves of a sandstorm and slew her master with a single word. To Atifa, he offered an intriguing apprenticeship. She readily accepted, especially after it came to light that her former master had partaken of the stolen bounty of the Storm Lord's tomb.
In a few short years, Atifa's abilities have grown considerably, yet her true potential remains untapped. For now, she serves amongst the Dust Devils, aiding them with the magic taught to her by the Royal Lord of the Sky.
Though a completely devoted follower of the Mesha Sokar, Atifa has often represented the Storm Lord as an envoy. In
particular she echoes her master's vociferous arguments towards the utter destruction of the Necropolis. To call her single-
minded would be to diminish her flexibility on the battlefield. But given any opportunity, Atifa will gladly ride into battle against the abominations of Thule before any other foe.

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