White Dwarf Weekly & Warhammer: Visions Review

by Bazooka J Rambo 18:01

Here's my thoughts on the new magazines, including a discussion about the price and contents of White Dwarf Weekly compared to the last iteration of White Dwarf (from Jan 2013) and an old issue from the 90s, as well as my hopes for what GW could/should have done with the new magazine, and some pros and cons of buying them.

Thanks for watching this ramble, I hope it will be of some interest and help to you, cheers! :)

Music by www.incompetech.com
Sudden Defeat - Kevin MacLeod - Edited by Bazooka J Rambo
Eighties Action - Kevin MacLeod


CompanyGames Workshop
Game / CollectionWarhammer Visions
Game / CollectionUnsorted
Game / CollectionWhite Dwarf v1 Monthly
SetWarhammer: Visions 7
SetWarhammer: Visions 10
SetWarhammer: Visions 11
SetWarhammer: Visions 4
SetWarhammer: Visions 3
SetWarhammer: Visions 12
SetWarhammer Visions: 13
SetWarhammer: Visions 14
SetWarhammer: Visions 15
SetWarhammer Visions 18
SetWarhammer Visions 18
SetThe White Dwarf 2014

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