Battleforce T'au Empire Rapid Insertion Force - Is It A Deal?

by Budget Wargamer 8:17

The Battleforce T'au Empire Rapid Insertion Force is the most valuable 40K Battleforce in 2017. Edging out the other 3 available battleforces by about $10 more in individual resale value, it takes the top spot.

You should consider however that this force organization may not be ideal for most players, so it makes a better 2nd purchase for a beginning player after the purchase of the Getting Started set.

Contents of this box set Include:

- An XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit, accompanied by 2 MV5 stealth drone field projectors;
- 6 XV25 Stealth Battlesuits, accompanied by 2 Markerlight drones;
- An XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team, comprising 3 Battlesuits (1 of which can be assembled as the experimental XV8-02) and 6 drones;
- A Commander, who can be built piloting either the XV85 Enforcer Armour Crisis Battlesuit or the XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit variant, with an included drone.

Link to product on Games Workshop webstore:


CompanyGames Workshop
Game / CollectionWarhammer 40k
FactionTau Empire
SetTau Empire Battleforce
SetRapid Insertion Force
SetBattleforce T’au Empire Rapid Insertion Force
SetT'au Empire Commander

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