How to Paint Black Legion 40k Chaos Space Marines

by WargamerOnline 22:14

Hey all, welcome to another full premium tutorial. This time we are taking a look at painting one of the Chaos Space Marine Legions, the Black Legion.

The model is from Wargame Exclusive, it was sent by a good friend of the channel Marty and painted up to start his collection.

Thank you for watching, for your support and to all our premium subscribers over on happy Wargaming!


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"Killers" Kevin MacLeod (
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CompanyGames Workshop
Game / CollectionWarhammer 40k
Game / CollectionPainting
FactionChaos Space Marines
FactionKhorne Daemonkin
FactionSpace Marines
FactionDeath Guard
SetChaos Space Marines
SetChaos Space Marines Army
SetChaos Space Marines Terminators
SetChaos Space Marines
SetStart Collecting! Chaos Space Marines
SetSpace Marines + Paint Set
SetChaos Space Marines Black Legion Shoulder Pads
SetChaos Space Marines Lord
SetChaos Space Marines Sorcerer

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