Tiny Plastic Spacemen Showcase #1: Eldar Wraithknight & Dire Avengers

by Tiny Plastic Spacemen 13:09

The first of our Showcase videos featuring an Eldar Wraithknight with fully swappable weapons, plus Dire Avengers with a fully magnetized Exarch, and also Dark Eldar Sslyth. All painted to a tabletop standard for one of our most consistent customers!

Please feel free to ask any questions :) If you want to see studio pictures or work in progress (WIP) pictures of these models visit or find us on Facebook at - and of course check out these links for regular updates on other projects!

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The music is 'Farscape' by Lester Bursley, check out Les' Soundcloud page at


CompanyGames Workshop
Game / CollectionWarhammer 40k
SetDire Avengers

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