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Battle elephant Ptolemy

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Sculptor: Mihail Polsky
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The main idea behind this site is to gather all the information possible about the miniatures (toy soldiers, figurines - call them whatever you like) from all over the world with the help of everyone interested. Also it is a place to put together your miniatures collection, show it to others, discuss and share the news. For more information about the site, its goals and handy features click here. There is no shop, we don't sell anything.
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Happy to introduce you our new furniture sets!

1) Medieval bakery.
This set includes a bread oven, a warming oven, two baker's work tables, highly detailed backsides, a mill, a basket with cabbage, a can of milk, a bottle of butter, and several bags of flour and fruit.
The old "Village bakery" is out of stock now.

2) Dark Magister's corner bookshelf (new version)
The old Corner Bookshelf is out of stock now.

3) Dark Magister bookshelves (new version)
The old set "Dark Magiter Bookshelves" is out of stock now.

4) Two empty bookshelves (new version)
The old set "Two empty bookshelves" is out of stock now.

Check all the tiny furnishings here

— Products shown: Dark Magister bookshelves, Two empty bookshelves, Dark Magisre's corner bookshelf and Medieval bakery.

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How to show here your works automatically

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Alfrid the Councilor
$20    684₽
Hobby Games (ru)
Cadre Fireblade
$20    10£
Goblin Gaming (uk)
Pink Horrors of Tzee...
$35    16£
Goblin Gaming (uk)
Kill Team: Feodor La...
$35    16£
Goblin Gaming (uk)
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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice
The story driven cooperative miniatures board game in the Assassin's Creed universe
Setting: Fantasy, Historical 32mm
November 2018, Montreal, Canada, CA
Rampart: Magnetized Modular Terrain for Tabletop
Plastic terrain architecture perfectly tailored to suit your favourite tabletop games
Setting: Sci-fi 28mm
November 2018, Chicago, IL, US
Earth Asunder - An intuitive wargame
Earth Asunder is a lightning-fast 40mm war-game set in a post apocalyptic earth. Easy to learn, strategic and customizable.
Setting: Postapocalypse, Fantasy 40mm
November 2018, Chicago, IL, US
28 mm Warplanes
1/56 (28 mm) scale Warplanes for historical gaming, available as 3D printed models or as packages for you to 3D print by yourself.
Setting: Historical 28mm
November 2018, Montreal, Canada, CA
Don and Hillary hit the Apocalypse. 28mm Zombie Miniatures
Donald and Hillary hit the Apocalypse! 28mm Zombie and Zombie Hunting miniatures to bring true horror to the atomic holocaust.
Setting: Postapocalypse 28mm
November 2018, Middleboro, MA, US
Sandstorm Wars - More Than 150 28mm Skirmish Figures
Sandstorm Miniatures is releasing its first ranges of 28mm scale sci-fi miniatures. We will have more than 150 sculpts!
Setting: Sci-fi 28mm
November 2018, London, UK, US
Sic Creations Inc Terrain & Table top Accessories M.2
by Russell
We are a small Terrain and Table Top gaming accessories company that produces a Quality and an Extremely Durable product.
Setting: Fantasy, Sci-fi 28mm
November 2018, Snellville, GA, US

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