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Simple STL Bases & Tile System, 9450+ STLs
by Cryptogene
More than 9450 STLs to base your miniatures, build landscapes, and more!
Setting: Universal
Miniature, 3d print
July 2021, Fürth, Germany, DE
12:20 - 27 September 2021

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Reminder of the surveyDear Backer, here's another short update. First things first: I'm missing the answer of 29 backers so far. It would be great to have all answers when I'm done with modeling. What is the current status? I think I can finish all designs until early October '21.  Since every Base will get a Grabbed from ! Stop this, contact design applied this is the most important step to finish. If everything will work as planned then I should be able to release the packages around the middle of October.  But this means also that I've to receive all your answers. If there are missing answers it would be better for me, to wait a Grabbed from ! Stop this, contact little longer. What happens, when still answers are missing? Since I don't wanna punish all of you, who have answered already, I will send it out at the end of October '21. (If everything goes right.) Everyone who hasn't answered won't receive the Links. I've to write those persons here at Kickstarter and hope that they will answer me. For me, it would be very much easier to send it out, all at once. But hey, we will see how it will develop. So if

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you're not sure, whether you've answered already, please check here your Kickstarter messages. Stay healthy and have a Grabbed from ! Stop this, contact great week!

Update #26

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