Painted Builds & Secret Door

Rampage Dungeon - Seamless Interlocking Dungeon Tiles
by Architects of Destruction
Transporting and setting up is easy as you build complete rooms and place them on the table as you explore. Injection molded
Setting: Fantasy
September 2018, Concord, CA, US
23:37 - 6 September 2021

Update #74

Painted Builds & Secret Door

Hi Everyone, 

Sorry for the long over do update. We had hoped to get a lot more finished in the the last two months, but things kept coming up. It will be a solid couple of months of pushing to get this all finished and shipping.

We have finished the Secret Door and it shoots great! We are now working on the Well Portal & the Ruin Walls molds. We plan to be cutting the Well Portal mold this week. 

This image shows our current progress on molds. We have a total of 12 left, but feel the Well Portal, & 4 Ruin Wall molds will be pretty fast to design and cut. 
Here are a couple photos of the Secret Door
Video of the LED Walls in action!
Once the Well Portal mold is finished we will post an update with photos of it. 


Jamison & The AOD Team

Update #74

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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