Hey Backers, Friends and True Believers!

The Original Grimm Gripp
by Grimm Brothers Grimporium
The Ultimate Hobby Painting Handle for Miniatures and Models Designed for comfort, ergonomics and precise control.

July 2021, Galax, VA, US
15:44 - 31 July 2021

Update #20

Hey Backers, Friends and True Believers!

We have exceeded the numbers that i needed to make this happen and that's wonderful and allows us some wiggle room for developing addons and other products. But that isn't the update.

The update is considering the time it takes to make these initial offerings by hand to a quality that exceeds anything out of a plastic factory, and knowing this from the start, It is with pleasure that i do announce that the color choices offered here are only available here during this Kickstarter. You early backers will own the only standard units produced this year, by hand in these colors.

Once we are set up and running, they will only be available in the future in two variants, Varnished and tumble finished natural wood. We will be offering them tis way so that you, the artists, can create your own custom Grimm Gripp by dyeing, staining, or painting them the colors you want. Want to hand paint flames on them, then give them a durable coat of poly? You can. Want to dye it a color we don't offer? Go for it. We will even be offering them in kit form so you can create the handle of your dreams then assemble it yourself.

So tell me what you think and leave a comment below. If there are any questions, ill be happy to answer them. I am trying to offer the handle to people in ways that suit them best. Thank you folks.



Update #20

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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