Production and delivery update

by Kolossal Games
Ruination is a 2-4 player game of post-apocalyptic conquest.\nOnly the most resourceful horde will rule beside the Khan!
Setting: Postapocalypse
March 2020, Indianapolis, IN, US
16:55 - 6 January 2021

Update #23

Production and delivery update

Hello future Khans,

This is a production and delivery update.

We received our production samples for Christmas! You can only imagine how happy we were! It'€™s validated (more info below) and you will soon receive an email from Crowdox to confirm your delivery address.

# Production completion update

Good news! All components are ready and we are still on track to have games ready to leave the factory by the end of January. Our next step will be getting everything ready and loaded on the boats and on their way to our delivery partner'€™s warehouses. We will do our best to have them leave just before the Chinese New Year.

In any case'€¦ your pledges are planned to be delivered sooner than expected!

'†’ Address update

The early delivery means we need you to confirm your delivery address now. An email will be sent within a few days by Crowdox. Don'€™t forget to check your spam and confirm your address!

#Production samples and things we noticed and want to share with you

There are two more things you need to know about the game you will soon receive:

'†’ No UV spot on the cover: unfortunately, all boxes of Ruination have been printed and shaped without the varnish improvement that was unlocked thanks to you and your social media support. Factory was caught up in the famous '€œget it ready before Christmas'€ rush and we weren'€™t able to make sure it was OK before receiving our samples. We are sorry about that, as we cannot add the UV spot once the boxes are done, and we feel it is wasteful to throw away thousands of boxes; we plan on shipping the games with the boxes as printed. Hopefully, it won'€™t affect your enthusiasm for Ruination.

'†’  Extra Advantage cards in the expansion: The World That Was stretch goal expansion contains a few extra cards. There was a misunderstanding with the sorting instructions, which resulted in 2 extra sets of Advantage cards being packaged with everything else. These extra cards should be separated and set aside. We realize it can be misleading when you unbox your components, so we wanted to warn you in advance.

What cards are included in the duplicate sets?

There are 2 extra copies of the following Advantage cards: Buried Hazards, Bone Pickers, Junk Wagon, Cave Bunker, Gyrocopter, Elder'€™s Blade, Eternal Oath, Forgotten Machine, Enduring Legend, Roving Militia, and Heir to Carnage.


Feel free to ask us your questions about this or get in contact with our support team for any questions and select the topic '€œFeedback and other questions'€, and ask your question in the dedicated area. We will answer your questions and requests as soon as possible.

All the Kolossal Games team wishes you a happy new year!

Kolossal Games Team

Update #23

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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