Delivery Updates

by Kolossal Games
Ruination is a 2-4 player game of post-apocalyptic conquest.\nOnly the most resourceful horde will rule beside the Khan!
Setting: Postapocalypse
March 2020, Indianapolis, IN, US
0:06 - 16 April 2021

Update #27

Delivery Updates



Short and Sweet. NO additional tax will be added upon delivery of your game.

In regards to delivery, that will begin early next week, as we have now received word from our carriers that they have arrived and are currently being processed.

We know that this was such a frustrating journey for you guys but we definitely wanted to make sure the information we were giving you was the most up-to-date and accurate.


Great news! The container has arrived and fulfillment should begin soon. The center is a bit clogged at the moment but should have games going to everyone by April 28th. You'€™ll receive a tracking email from Funagain Logistics when your games ship.


The container arrived recently and Ruination should begin shipping on April 19th. It might take until the end of the week for games to finish shipping out of the warehouse. You'€™ll receive a tracking email from Ilo307 when your games ship.


The container will arrive in approximately 9 days, with fulfillment starting shortly after. We expect everything to be on its way by April 28th! You'€™ll receive a tracking email from VR Distribution when your games ship.


We have recently joined Discord in efforts to communicate with our Kolossal community more directly and in doing so we'€™ve launched a brand new Ambassador program that has members of our community trained on teaching our latest Kickstarter games! Schedule a live playthrough of the game with them today! If you'€™re not interested in learning but would love to chat with others about all of Kolossal'€™s other titles, our discord is perfect for that too!


Hi everyone! Matt, here. 

I have spent the last month really focusing my efforts on listening and applying feedback to the support ticket system, answering the comments in our  Kickstarter campaigns, and even helping assist our backers via our private messages. Over the last month, we'€™ve been able to assist and resolve the majority of tickets that have been submitted and we appreciate the support you all continue to show us. With a few hiccups along the way, the community has shown us patience that we can'€™t thank you all enough for.  I, along with the entire Kolossal team, am more determined than ever to continue this new stride of excellence. It has been a great start to 2021 and you all have made a tremendous impact!

-Kolossal Games

Update #27

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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