Wanderer Diary: day three!

by Kolossal Games
Ruination is a 2-4 player game of post-apocalyptic conquest.\nOnly the most resourceful horde will rule beside the Khan!
Setting: Postapocalypse
March 2020, Indianapolis, IN, US
19:02 - 20 March 2020

Update #7

Wanderer Diary: day three!

Third Page of the Wanderer Diary

Though little of The World That Was is left, there are some that bear forward the past. Gods have died and others were born in the crucible of this brutal new world. And the many wanderers that traverse the wasteland to the Khanate bring with them myth and memory.

There are four great hordes given proxy in the Khan'€™s domain. Four hordes at war with one another, which brings the Khan sadistic joy and jest.
The Purge are zealots, believers in lost technologies and knowledge swallowed up in sand. Every object is a relic and riddle leading back to the time before. Those that do not believe this to be true are heretics and enemies of The Purge'€™s ever-growing Church of War.
The Rust Buzzards are nothing more than an enclave of glorified nomads. To them, the territories in the Khanate are little more than a corpse from which to salvage goods. What the Buzzards lack in ferocity and numbers, they more than make up for with ingenuity and wealth. This wealth can easily be traded for loyalty in a world where a sip of uncontaminated water is worth dying for.
The Blood of Tengri worship a god older than the sand and the steppes and those that first walked upon them. He is the sky, the sun, the earth upon which man now toils. Tengri slumbers in the wasteland, thirsty and dreaming. The Blood believe themselves to be the chosen, the earth-shackled children of this ancient deity. It is their duty to wet the sands and wake the great sleeper.
No horde is as vicious as the Si Wang Shi Zhou. It is said they first drank the seas before traveling north for the Khan'€™s blessed spring. They are the Hand of Death, merciless and swift. Their black arrows fly true and fell man and beast alike. Unlike the other hordes, they wish not to convert others to their dogma. Rather, they hope that through their campaign of terror to be all the remains in the Khanate.
The thing is, I'€™m not part of any of the hordes. I don'€™t mind their beliefs, their way of life, all I care about is the glory and some water!

Let'€™s get a job and go to war.

All hail the Khanate!

The Wanderer -

Ruination Chronicles

Update #7

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