Hand of Glory 2: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures
by Hand of Glory
Hot-swappable gaming miniatures! A line of minis with interchangeable magnetic items to customize your loadout.
Setting: Fantasy
March 2020, New Haven, CT, US
3:28 - 28 December 2020

Update #12



The caster (finally!) now has everything completed and we are awaiting 2 shipments to arrive from him. They are of course taking their time to arrive because of the recent delays with USPS, but we are expecting them this week.

We can soon start the process of placing the remaining items into boxes, folding mailers, printing postage, etc. We'€™ll then ship out all the remaining orders, and we'€™ll do so over the coming weeks until everything is shipped.

Since it'€™s been so long since we locked addresses, please reach out if you need us to update your shipping information. The best way to reach us is by email at


As more backers receive their orders and start to build and paint the sets, here are a few helpful tips:

  •  Some pieces may be bent when they arrive! This happens when they are pulled from the molds. Luckily pewter is very durable. Be gentle, but you should be able to bend everything back no problem.  If a piece has an issue though just let us know.
  •  Some pieces may have flashing! Any excess pewter on a piece or figure can be pulled off with pliers or carefully cut off with a pair of snips (or a hobby knife). We have this cutter / pliers set which work great.
  •  Twist the blades! Some pieces, especially swords and axes, need to be twisted slightly so that the hole casts correctly. If you prefer them straighter than they are, simple twist them to your liking.
  •  Use the box lids as trays! The parts are tiny, so we recommend working over a tray, and we found the box lids work great.
  •  Use the allen key! If a hole isn't quite round, or has some debris in it, try using the included allen keys to ream out the hole. The smaller allen key is 2mm and is for all the items and Collection 1 figures, and the larger allen key is 2.5mm and is for the Collection 2 figures. You can also try using an appropriate sized drill bit to repair a bad hole. Or, email us about mis-cast pieces.
  •  Use superglue gel! We find using gel gives a little more control and more time to make sure everything is lined up to achieve maximum magnetism.

Feel free to share any other tips or suggestions that you think might be helpful for other backers!

Happy New Year!

We'€™ll post a wrap-up update once everything has shipped. Until then thanks for bearing with us in this very strange year. We hope wherever you are that you'€™re surviving and that our minis can bring some joy. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and happy days ahead!

-Jason & Matt

Update #12

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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