SUCCESS! Here comes the Goblin Menace!!!

The Goblin Menace - 28mm Miniatures
by Tom Mason
Fun and quirky goblins to bother, irritate, and annoy adventurers and armies alike!

Miniature, 28mm
October 2020, Clarksville, IN, US
3:18 - 1 November 2020

Update #9

SUCCESS! Here comes the Goblin Menace!!!

First, let me thank you for helping make this such a successful campaign. It was an incredible two weeks. After the Kickstarter closed, it was nice to sit back and relax. Even if it was only for about a day. I'm back after Halloween festivities and things are already rolling along. Here is a quick break down of what's to come:

Sculpt stretch goal minis

All of the miniatures from the main set (the 20 brats and 1 baddie) were sculpted ahead of the Kickstarter launching. The production molds were also already complete. I planned in my schedule to sculpt up to 4 extra minis and thanks to you, I get to do all 4! I'm excited to show these to you as they are finished. Sculpt and production molds will be done in time to be cast along with all the other miniatures.

Receive Kickstarter funds

Kickstarter take up to 21 days to release the funds for a project. Once that happens I will be able to order all of the shipping supplies and product materials needed to fulfill the project. I actually have much of this already. The biggest portion will be the miniatures themselves.

Pledge Manager

My goal is to have the pledge manager ready by December 1st, but the exact date it will open up to you will coincide with when fulfillment can begin. As the pledge manager will run through my online store, this will allow pledges to go out as the orders are finalized.

I can't wait to see everyone's goblin hordes causing mischief all over your battlefields!


Update #9

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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