Shipping Updates + Mini Preview + How to Update your Mailing Address

Ascension Tactics: The Deckbuilding Miniatures Game
by Stone Blade Entertainment
Ascension Tactics combines the best of tactical miniatures games with the acclaimed Ascension deckbuilding system!
Setting: Fantasy
July 2020, San Diego, CA, US
1:48 - 12 May 2021

Update #47

Shipping Updates + Mini Preview + How to Update your Mailing Address

Ascension Shipping Updates:

It's not going to be long before we start seeing copies of Ascension Tactics arriving at people's homes and we couldn't be more excited. All the minis have been given final approval, and the factory is cutting the final molds for mass production.  The game is set to start shipping, as planned, in August. 

Wave 1.5 will now be shipping in August with Tactics, rather than as a separate shipment. The reason we're combining these shipments is that the 1.5 products (due to covid related shipping delays which we've mentioned in previous updates) wouldn't be arriving until late July. Combining them into one shipment will only add a week or two to the arrival date while simplifying the process. This will also help us to ensure shipping information and tracking info gets sent well ahead of time for your remaining products, making it easier to confirm that you got all your stuff.  So, expect a big giant package of Ascension games in August!

If you need to update your mailing address please email so we can get it sorted out.  Emailing is the only way for us to update your address, so please don't forget if your address changes to message us there (not here on kickstarter).  

We're super excited to get this game in our hands, and we hope you are too!  

Before you get your copies, we wanted to share another miniature update as we finish up production'€” check our the Tusk Rider, and a painted version of an earlier prototype of the Psyche Askara: 

Update #47

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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