Update and Surprises!

Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness
by Creative Games Studio
Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness is a fully cooperative dungeon crawler for 1 to 5 players.
Setting: Fantasy
October 2019, Bozeman, MT, US
23:39 - 24 December 2020

Update #87

Update and Surprises!

Greetings, brave heroes of Daren!

Welcome back to another Chronicles of Drunagor: Age or Darkness update!

This has been a long and tough year for all of you and surely for all of us here at CGS as well. However, there is not a challenge that we wouldn'€™t take. And that'€™s why we got some exciting news for you in this update!


Dungeon Maps

We know you must be eager to see some more of Cod: AoD'€™s production, and that'€™s exactly what we'€™re bringing you today.

Look at these dungeons maps. There are shady and dangerous places in Daren. Thread carefully!

Monster and gear cards

And even more dangers lurk in the Darkness, in every corner of the continent. No one is safe from the monstrous claws and fangs hiding in the dark.

Hero boards

There are, however, brave heroes in every corner of Daren, ready to fight the Darkness and keep its monsters at bay.

Skill Cards

These heroes, gifted with talent and trained in numerous combat perks, are the only hope for Daren and its people.


And we know that you like popping punchboards as much as we do! So here are a few more pictures!
Here you can see the bridges tiles and also the Initiative Tracker. As well as various effects and conditions tokens and the animal companion tokens. Not even our heroes are alone in their fight against the Darkness!

Production Phase

As always, we also want to assure you that the production phase is running with no delays! It hasn'€™t been so without a lot of hard work to keep everything running smoothly this year, but with your support, we'€™re managing! Check these out!
Have you ever seen so many cards and boards at once?


Of course you'€™ll need a place to keep it all stored and safe, right? That'€™s why we worked hard to bring you the best boxes we could. Check them out.

All your Stretch Goals will be coming inside this beautiful box. We haven'€™t forgotten about them.
And if you'€™re messing with the Darkness and its most dangerous ally, then you'€™re bound to have to open the Phylacterium Box!
There may be, however, even more dangerous and ancient creatures roaming the world. Be careful!


It'€™s been a rough year. A year of tests and tribulations for all of us at CGS. But it has also been a year of many joys and victories. And undoubtedly the best of those are you! The best community we could ever hope for. Everyone of you, our dear backers, are the best gifts we could ever want.

That'€™s why today we want to thank you all for accompanying us during this journey throughout the year. For always providing feedback on everything we do and supporting us through every decision. Our utmost gratitude goes to you this year.

We wish you all and your families, happy holidays full of joy. You'€™ve all been the bravest heroes throughout this year and you deserve that!


Last, but not least, we have two gifts for you!

The first one is a little different than what you might expect!

CGS'€™ sister, Fourfun is launching its first campaign soon!
Candy Wars is a competitive game of strategy and combat! Don'€™t be fooled by its gorgeous art! Even experienced warriors may find a difficult time fighting those nasty goblins!

If you'€™re an experienced player and wants to introduce your kids, family or friends to board games in a fun way, then Candy Wars is what you'€™re looking for!

Despite being a fun and light themed game it has all you could wish for: great characters, deep story and much space for complex strategies!

Check the preview and follow the campaign here, because Fourfun will be launching this campaign very soon! Don'€™t miss it!

Also check a preview of the game manual here and see what Candy Wars is all about!

If you want a fun, yet competitive game to play with your family and friends, Candy Wars has all of that to offer.


Our last gift is sure to leave all of you CoD:AoD'€™s fans on edge!

We'€™re talking about the first huge expansion: Chronicles of Drunagor: Apocalypse!

It'€™s still a very early announcement and we are still in the very early stages of development. And that'€™s, brave heroes, is where the second part of this gift comes in!
We want you all to participate in this process of development giving us your opinions and feedback. We are actively asking for your feedback and making decisions based on that!

Do you want this new expansion to have what you feel like? Then jump on board here and help us design the Apocalypse of Daren!

Finally, rest assured that you'€™ll have plenty of time to get to know Age of Darkness and its heroes. The Apocalypse is still quite a way away!

That'€™s all for this year, folks! Thank you once again for being the best community and backers ever!

And as always, keep fighting the Darkness!

Happy holidays to you all!


Team CGS.

Update #87

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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