Production update

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28mm fantasy resin turtle miniatures
Setting: Fantasy
Miniature, 28mm
June 2020, Tamworth, UK, GB
20:27 - 16 July 2020

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Grabbed from ! Stop this, contact Production update

Here's an update on the models that have been moulded thus far: Shaman: 1 of 1   Command: 3 of 3 Halberds 4 of 4 Spears 4 of 4 Bows: 2 of 4 Hand axes: 1 of 4 Slings: 0 of 4 Shields: 1 of 4 Any pledges/orders placed that involves complete sets will have been sent this week. I anticipate having the hand axes, slings, bows and bows and shields early next week, with most of the remaining orders to go out by end of next week. Everything should hopefully in the various mail systems before August! For the second nesting I am going to be exploring some of the stretch goals that were not unlocked. As the entire range wasn't sculpted by me, I am looking forward to adding my own characters and creations to the range, alongside more weapon options.

Update #5

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