June Update

Alphas - A Superhero Miniatures Game
by Kid Loves Tiger Games
Alphas is a tactical superhero themed game with Graphic Novels, a Progressive Story, Objective Skirmishes & Highly Detailed Miniatures!
Setting: Pulp
February 2018, Minneapolis, MN, US
23:16 - 30 June 2021

Update #55

June Update

Let's start with, we will be sharing one of the next scenarios we had finished next month I hope, but it has been slow going making sure everything fits on the uniform size. So, let's jump past that (We hope your June was a great month!), to seeing some of the core villains! We got a few people asking about the villains powers vs the heroes last month when we shared our Phalanx heroes. Rest assured, the villains NOT in the scenarios are meant and balanced to be plugged into any skirmish scenario!

Arc comes in as a bit of a hybrid of damage and support. Her basic ability STEALS energy from her opponents, making Arc one of the best energy generators in the game (add in her bas reroll ability and get outta here!). This is good, because at the bottom of her Card, Living battery allows her to add dice to allied figures in her space or near her space. With the ability to swap places or stun, Arc is a powerhouse with a good deal of control! Her major weakness is those physical powerhouses that get in and hit hard!

While Faultline is a bigger size (see the 3 in the upper right hand corner),  What can we say about the Faultline himself!? 9 frickin health? MASSIVE physical defense? Immune to being pushed and pulled? Gains energy when he would be? Oh yeah, and he can gain 2x Blocks when rolling with Toughness!

Okay okay, but he also can push with his basic punch (that rolls 3?!), as well as pull and cripple foes? Faultline is all business on the field and given how long he STAYS on the field, many clamored to add him to their team.

The daughter to one of the greatest super villains, Iconic's Technomancy and Powersuit make her fairly infamous as well! Her suit lets her change her size, gain flight, as well defend better. Her hand blaster powers up her suit from range, but if you examine Thruster Punch, Iconic is not remotely afraid to get in close and mix it up! Centuri Beam is a very powerful attack though and can level a team that clusters so watch out!

What other villains are in the 1st Volume?

Leader of the Fire Street Gang, Blackbird! While he may seem unassuming, he is an enhanced being, beyond peak human physical power, and.... he has a unique glider to get about the city with!

His Crossbow Bolts generate more impactful critical hits, making his basic attack one with a very high ceiling of damage. His Jolt Staff Flurry is unique, in that it is one of the only abilities that can be activated 2 times without a 2nd action/activation! 

His Execution can sustain him a little, is expensive, but often can put down many villains immediately. All the while, he can escape with Glider Boost!, while generating Energy!

The last of the villain previews is Mirage, the Mercenary Assassin! She works with Villains, but has worked with heroes in the past. She has an innate resistance to attacks from Characters like Prestige, as her mental resistance is higher, but how does her low Health and other defenses leave her? Well, she comes with 3 duplicate models that are clear green. 

Manifest Illusions is how she places them, placing up to 2 of 3 each turn. This makes Triple Strike unique in that it COULD be made 2 times if you have duplicates on the field that can legally attack. Psy Step is a unique movement based attack that allow you to throw opponents for a loop, swapping places, then, during resolution, interrupt special actions others may have while defending. Psy Blade makes up for her fragility by being POSSIBLY, the strongest attack in the game. Rolling possibly 7 dice (as a Mental Attack), then giving her some escape.

Then Shatter Illusions allows her to "break" a Mirage to add to her rolls. Given the changes Ben and Chris went over with targeting, you can see how she would "hide" within these illusions spaces and protect herself!.

We hope that Starting in July our Graphic Designer will have time after the Holiday (July 4th Weekend) to buckle down on some of the rulebook additions. As we finish those, we will be previewing them as well!

Currently, our possible partner is looking over the funds they have after registering and looking to register for conventions this year, and what opportunities this game may have with an announcement and those events. We hope to have more on that as they finish up their plans through November!

Update #55

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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