Anthology Fiction is out!

Gangs of the Undercity - a cyberpunk/fantasy skirmish game
GotU is a 28mm cyberpunk/fantasy skirmish game. Build your gang, defeat your enemies, and stake your claim in Neo-Babylon's Undercity!
Setting: Fantasy, Cyberpunk
Boardgame, Miniature, 28mm
July 2020, Fort Worth, TX, US
22:14 - 10 May 2021

Update #62

Anthology Fiction is out!

Got some great news today, folks!

Neo Babylon Nights

Our first book of fiction (and one of the Kickstarter goals you helped us meet) is headed your way now! This anthology fiction features 10 authors, writing about the ups and downs of life in Neo Babylon. Some are about gangs, some are about the Undercity, but others are about love, honor, and punk rock. You'll find a little something in there for everyone, and as promised, all backers at every level get the PDF version!

I've sent out the PDF anthology to everyone, but by the metrics, it seems that for exactly 64 (out of 637 ) of you, the Backerkit fulfillment distribution doesn't like your email or something else has gone wrong on their end. So if you are reading this, now or later, and wonder where your anthology fiction is and why you don't have it, email or PM me and I'll send it directly over to you! 

Please, please do us the favor of sharing the book and posting about it on socials. It creates a buzz for us and every little sale helps us have a little more operational budget heading into other projects and speeding up timelines. Thank you all so much!

t available asap on both Amazon and Drive Thru Fiction now that we've gotten it into our backers' hands. 

You can share these  digital copies here:

Kindle/Amazon here:

Drive Thru Fiction here:

Paperback Copies

Lots of you have been asking on social media if the Anthology will be available in paperback/print as well as digital. The answer is absolutely.  It should be available on Amazon within 24 hours. 

Production Update

No news, folks. I've sent the defective minis back, and I've heard the changes to the minis/molds are underway, but I haven't heard an update for when we'll get the replacement minis. I DID hear that it is possible that ALL our minis will be available by September/October, but PLEASE take that with a grain of salt as I haven't seen any minis yet besides the ones in the 2-player box (and the lawjacks). 

That's it for now, folks....Oh, wait, no it isn't... I can share one more thing... This is some EARLY art for the project we are working on in the background while we wait on others for production of Gangs. Many of you have heard us talk about Subversion, the RPG set in the Gangs of the Undercity universe (hereafter referred to as the World of Neo Babylon). We have been working on that in the background, playtesting, and every once in a while, getting something cool started, like this art... Well, I can't call it that yet, it is the first bits of concept art for our Seven Gods Who Decree, that is the seven main Powers of Neo Babylon's religion. Those of you who are fans of Babylonian mythology might notice some changes in the gods, stature, body, gender, etc. That is because Neo Babylon's gods absorbed into themselves the various gods the the Babylonians conquered, so they took on forms, powers, and shapes not only of the deities with similar domains, but also the forms in the imaginations of their worshippers... Anyway, this was me babbling on (over sharing again). Enjoy this bit of concept art we're working on. 
Until next time, chums!

 - Opti 

Update #62

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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