By the Beards of the Ancient Protectors!!! $710k Goal Achieved!

Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones!
Reaper Miniatures Bones II is a project to continue the expansion of Reaper's Bones line of high-quality plastic gaming miniatures.
Setting: Pirates
October 2013, Denton, TX, US
0:08 - 2 October 2013

Update #25

By the Beards of the Ancient Protectors!!! $710k Goal Achieved!

These can be added to your pledge for just $15.

We can’t forget Chronoscope! This time we’re loading Chronoscope with everything you need for pulp action! Max Ayers, Occult Expert; The vile Dr. Lugstampf, Evil Genius; a Ninja minion; a gas-masked Henchman; Sister Maria, Nun; Frank Buck, Pulp Hero; Nightslip, Pulp Heroin; Agatha Fox, Spy. If we can raise $750,000, these heroes and villains will be added to your Core Set reward!

How about some More Cavern Decor?

To make it easier for you to track, purple images will be added to your Core Set, and orange ones will be available as additional rewards simply by increasing your pledge.

Follow along with us on the map, as Mister Bones goes Trick-or-Treating, and be sure to follow us on twitter @Reapermini, talk about the Kickstarter using #ReaperBones, Like us on FaceBook, and join our forums at to join in the conversation!


Update #25

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.

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