It Is Finished!

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Zpocalypse 2: Defend the 'Burbs
An epic post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, with RPG lite mechanics! Zpocalypse standalone expansion. Miss the original? Get it here
Setting: Postapocalypse, 25mm
July 2015, Boston, MA, US
17:06 - 13 August 2015

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It Is Finished!We did it! We did it! It’s backed! Hooray! Thank you all for supporting this campaign, and we look forward to your continued ideas on BGG. Your contribution has been on so many levels, and we’re glad you’re part of our squad.

Oh and while (most) of us were sleeping...

We reached another stretch goal! Here’s the breakdown: What is it? 24 (Yes, 24, double the original) new scavenging locations that take you back to the ‘hood. That’s the urban zombie trap you just escaped from. Sometimes, you just gotta go back. What level do you get it? 60K my friends, you did it. Is it an add on? No way, this is adding directly to the replayability of the game! Picture: There’s no picture silly… it’s all writing! But look for some of the locations you suggested in the Comments section last night. They have already been dragged, kicking and screaming, into Julie’s brain.

See you in the suburbs friends!

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Update #16

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