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Dwarf Tales (DT) is a polish company founded in 2006. It specializes in design and production of the fantasy and sci-fi miniatures for board and tabletop gaming. Company has its own production line in Poland. All miniatures in our offer are designed and produced by DT, without any participation of other companies. What is more, DT creates its own gaming systems, with the first one – Warcanto – starting in autumn 2009. DT is much involved in making it an innovative tabletop game, putting emphasis on the RPG-like hero creation and development. Games and miniatures designed by DT are related to Duæl – world of classical dark fantasy, entirely created by DT, where, on the large continent of Greatland, powers of light and darkness clash in the eternal war for world domination. DT intends to increase its offer systematically, both with new miniatures as well as new gaming ideas. Simultaneous enlarging of the number of models and developing of the game rules should, in the future, result in creation of the large-scale battle system, where not only small warbands, but whole armies will fight against each other.

Our main goal is to create games and miniatures corresponding with tastes of the experienced players and fantasy enthusiasts, but beginners should also easily find something for themselves, as Duæl is a fascinating world with many opportunities, where a true fan of fantasy will always feel at home. We try to introduce innovative ideas and advanced solutions without unnecessary disturbance of the classical standards that exist in fantasy literature and gaming. DT puts much effort to keep the highest quality of its creations, and aims at constant improvement of the production technology, as well as the design of all the offered products.

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