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I present myself to all of you, Eduardo Barroso Acedo, business owner and creator of Norbaminiatures.

Everything started in 2015 as an idea, what then gave the step of the creation of this huge proyect, which finality is to offer good products at low prices, to give the possibility to all the collectors to own their favorite miniatures.

Is in Caceres where beings all our history, of whom Norba gets its own name in Roman Ages.

It is allocated exactly in the centre of our province of Caceres and it could be considered for a lot of people as the Spanish Florence. A jewel which transports all its visitors to the Middle Age. City of misteries and thin paths where its walls and palaces make a huge pleasure to all its visitors.

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First set: 9 December 2016
Last update: 20 June 2018
Next update: ~ Never (we think)

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It's a technical category for all miniatures bases.

Sets: 658
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Progress: 84%
In 8 Companies


Sets: 920
reviews ?
Progress: 84%
In 42 Companies


It's a technical game / collection to use in any companies for miniatures category.

Sets: 64911
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In 163 Companies


Sets: 212
reviews ?
Progress: 83%
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It's technical collection.

Sets: 4911
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Norba Miniatures
Fantasy miniatures, Fantasy Football, Battle of the Ring and many more incredible miniatures await you
Setting: Fantasy
October 2020, Caceres, Spain, ES
Norbaminiatures Empire Troops and Machines
More than 120 new 3D miniatures, including war machines in our new plastic injection material !!!
Setting: Fantasy
March 2020, Caceres, Spain, ES
Fantasy Dragons miniatures-Norbaminiatures
Dragons and heroes of fantasy in high quality 3D. A huge dragon and evil lord ever seen.\r\nLarge amount of reward.
Setting: Fantasy
December 2018, Caceres, Spain, ES
Dwarf Zeppelin Miniature - Norbaminiatures
Miniature dwarf zeppelin for wargames or collecting to use in your boardgames. Best miniature prices for your tabletop games.
Setting: Fantasy
March 2018, Caceres, Spain, ES
Fantasy Football Bret and humans Norba Miniatures
Medieval fantasy team, 3D miniatures of the spanish company Noba Miniatures. Quality at the best price.
Setting: Fantasy
December 2017, Caceres, Spain, ES
Scenography for Wargames by Norba Miniatures, 28mm, terrain
Scenography for Wargames by the spanish company Norbaminiatures, 28mm, scenery, terrain. Always offering quality at a fair price.
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
June 2017, Caceres, Spain, ES

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