Parkfield Miniatures

Parkfield Miniatures manufacture finely detailed white metal historical figures for wargamers and collectors in 28mm and 15mm scales. All the figures are sculpted by Simon to ensure consistency through the ranges.

Some of our older ranges are over 20 years old now and were originally made to be compatible with the figures available at the time, therefore they are stated as being 25mm.

​The more current ranges are 28mm and are compatible with the majority of figures from other manufacturers.

The figures are sold individually to allow you, the customer, to choose which figures you require for a specific army. However, at shows packs are sold containing either four command or specific figures (for example flank companies), one artillery piece and crew, three mounted figures or eight figures for most of the rank and file. More recently unit packs have been on offer with the newer WWII figures available in squad packs, made to compliment most Second World War rules but specifically Chain of Command by The Too Fat Lardies. These are currently only available at shows but we expect them to be added to the catalogue soon.

​Based in the U.K, Parkfield Miniatures offer a world-wide mail order service. In addition, the figures can be purchased at various wargames shows throughout the U.K. Pre-ordering is recommended due to the large number of figures & ranges available.

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