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Shieldwolf Miniatures(TM) is the largest 28mm scale miniature producer in Southeast Europe and in continuous growth. It is specialized in the Fantasy World it has set up and it is one of the very few companies worldwide producing groups of interchangeable/modular miniatures (regiments) in both hard plastic and resin, apart from the single-item miniatures.

Shieldwolf Miniatures(TM) has released and will continue releasing a huge variety of models. Those are Regiments, but also Characters, Monsters, Great Monsters and lots more. In the meanwhile Shieldwolf® Sculpting Teams (both Traditional and 3D) are continuously creating new and exciting models to capture you. This is done by allowing as much freedom as possible to what are maybe some of the best concept artists in this sector. The Shieldwolf® Casting Team uses only supreme quality resin and is continuously improving its' methods of production, so to always ensure stock is available and customers receive their orders as fast as humanly possible. In 2014 the company hit hard plastic production working with Renedra Ltd. All this is master-coordinated by Dott. Angelos Margaritis, whose passion for fantasy led him to the creation of Shieldwolf Miniatures(TM).

Shieldwolf Miniatures(TM) Policy (whenever possible) is to publish on our website both the release date on which models will be available to order and the reveal date, which lets you know what is coming next. Once there are enough models to support the tabletop wargame in production "Shieldwolf:War is Coming", we will start releasing the rules with which hobbyists can play. In the meanwhile the Company limits itself into continous playtesting and work.

We see ourselves as more than just a company. We want to create ways to allow people to travel with their minds away from everyday life and go to places where their bodies cannot go. We want more and more people to ejoy tabletop wargaming and the unique experience a fantasy world can provide.

Any and all feedback is welcome!

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Crowd Funding Projects from Shieldwolf Miniatures

Imperium Desertum - Imperium Immortalis
Fantastic 28mm heroic scale Science Fiction Armies - Resin & Digital files

Miniature, 28mm
February 2021, Athens, Greece, GR
Imperium Immortalis
An entire new science fiction army with characters, infantry, cavalry, artillery and war-machines.

May 2020, Athens, Greece, US
War is Coming: Warmaidens & Dragonbreds (Canceled)
Innovative, highly affordable fantasy and sci-fi quality armies in hard plastic (HIPS) and polyurethane resin.
Setting: Fantasy, Sci-fi, 30mm
September 2017, Athens, Greece, US
War is Coming: Forest Goblins
Forest Goblins 28mm scale miniatures army in hard plastic (HIPS) and polyurethane resin
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
September 2016, Athens, Greece, US
War is Coming: Shieldmaidens army REBOOT
Shieldmaiden 28mm miniatures in hard plastic (HIPS) and polyurethane resin
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
February 2016, Athens, Greece, US
War is Coming: Shieldmaidens vs Orcs (Canceled)
28mm scale fantasy mass army tabletop game
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
January 2016, Athens, Greece, US
Shieldwolf: War is Coming
5 innovative complete fantasy armies in 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale via Plastic sprue tooling and Polyurethane Resin casting.
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
February 2015, Athens, Greece, US

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