The Terra Conflict - 3D Printable Tabletop Models
STL files for space-combat scale minis including spaceships, monsters, stations, and more!
Setting: Sci-fi
Miniature, 3d print
June 2020, St. Paul, MN, US
19:58 - 12 January 2021

Update #18

Feedback Request


Hi folks! It's been a while since this campaign wrapped up, and I'm interested in getting your feedback to help possible further development of a follow-on spaceship Kickstarter. This will help me understand what was valuable, if there is interest, what games people are using models for, and much more.

The survey should take 1-2 minutes max, and can be accessed HERE - I would be very appreciative of any who will take the time to provide your feedback, and I truly appreciate your support!

I would also love to hear your general feedback in the comments, and see any printed models on your table (you can share to my social media on Facebook or Instgram, or email me photos to which I might share on social).


If you also play 28-32mm games, I have my second large KS live in that scale currently which is in the same world as The Terra Conflict (though obviously the models can be used for whatever game you wish). It's called Novus Landing, it funded in 3 hrs, and we're unlocking tons of stretch goals already. You can check it out by clicking the banner below if you're interested. Cheers!

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