Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood
A Grand 1-4 Player Dark Fantasy Board Game. Epic Story, Brand New Mechanics and Giant Monsters.
Setting: Fantasy
October 2019, South Florida, FL, US
18:54 - 10 May 2021

Update #53

Update #53 - Status Update, Penitent Deep Dive, Rule Books, Painting Minis Poll

Pot's Peace Oathsworn

The sun rises above the Deepwood as the seasons change once more. Little of it reaches the ground as the rays are choked by the canopy looming over the world. But still, it is the little stuff that keep you going on the Wire and some warmth on your face is a welcome thing.

Status Update

To start with we thought you'd like to know how the manufacturing is going. The TLDR is that we are still on schedule currently for beginning shipping in Oct. Likely to be the end rather than the beginning. There are a couple of things that, if they do not line up, could push that back a little but these are the focus of the team right now and every effort is being made to keep that from happening.

Aside from the story book, rule books and a few pieces of box art (which need to be revised to fit some changes to our box sizes), all files are now with the manufacturer and being prepped for printing.  White box samples should be delivered in the next 3 weeks with full production on printed components beginning directly after approval of the white box sample. The manufacturing of the miniatures is already in production and the completed boxes and products will be staged, awaiting printed component completion. HIPS manufacturing will begin after the molds are completed, which is estimated to be another 4 weeks. We may have a few adjustments to make on some of the push fit designs once the samples begin to arrive from those new molds. So far, 3 of the 12 character models and their armory components are approved for production. Overall, its all coming to together the team are getting increasingly excited that after nearly 5 years of development the game is tearing its way into reality.

Paying Penance

Very few individuals willingly step foot in the Deepwood. Deliberately seeking out the nightmares that lurk in that fell place invites madness and death. Yet the Penitent does so without falter. Burdened by the sins writ large on scrolls adorning his armor, he strives for an atonement that can only be bought in blood. His enemy’s or his own. As such, Penitents are often found in Free Companies, taking up the vanguard of any foray into the Deepwood. If they can claim first blood they will do so. If they can save the lives of their company by giving their own, even better.

A life is a holy thing and not to be squandered. No Penitent can find the solace they seek in throwing their lives away, the faith forbids it. Each Penitent is bound to fight to the bitter end, to fight with everything they have to make their sacrifice efficacious. In battle this holy zeal manifests itself in an ever increasing rage, each blow empowered by the wounds the Penitent has sustained as they double their efforts to make certain their penance. When about to cast off the veil of this life, the Penitent is at their most dangerous. Tales are sung of these moments, and in the Holy City the walls of the Penitent halls are lined with the depictions of the glorious final acts of Penitents throughout time. Those depicted are long dead but sanctified among the corpses of their enemies in one last defiance against the Deepwood.
The Penitent is a tank with a twist. Like the Warden he is one of only two Oathsworn trained in the proper use of shields and comes with an array of abilities suited for protecting his fellow Oathsworn in the field. However, unlike the Warden, the Penitent welcomes the damage he sustains throughout combat. Using his ability cards and special ability (which gives him Empowered x3 tokens for each HP lost) he empowers his counter attacks with these wounds. He becomes most powerful when riding the edge of death. Usable as both a tank or damage dealer depending on his weapon loadout, the Penitent is capable of great damage potential in either role. His blood just needs to flow first.

Here is the starting line up for the Penitent.

Note: If you would like to understand the layout of the cards and how battleflow works please see the previous update in the ‘The Blade Himself’ section for a more detailed look.

The Blade Himself

Level 1 Starting Cards
As usual, the Penitent starts with 7 cards in his card pool, which is enough to start playing without having to think of building your hand on your first encounter. As such, he has the standard cooldown 0 card that allows for Battleflow, refreshing of might decks and an attack.
For starting cooldown 1 the Penitent comes in strong with the ability to defend his allies and take out his pain on his enemies. Both cards being interrupts and 0 Animus means they are very good for Battleflowing other cards should you prep cooldown 1 by stacking several cards on there earlier in the round. One note on 'Guard' is that it is effective for both 2 handed and sword and board Penitents as getting free movement from any source is valuable in addition to bolstering his team mate.
The starting cooldown 2 cards play more on the damage and defense potential of the Penitent. 'Sweep' is a great multi-target ability that also gives free movement to get you positioned for more attacks without spending any Animus. These types of cards lead to efficient plays, for instance guarding someone to gain 2 movement then sweeping them to gain 2 more can net you 4 Animus in movement for free should the situation be right. This is important considering many of the encounter's abilities involve the Free Company carefully positioning themselves to mitigate incoming damage. That positioning usually reduces the Animus the Free Company has left for attacks so anything that helps with that situation is going to help keep you above ground.

On the intercession side, the Penitent is one of the faithful along with the Priest and has to a lesser degree picked up the gift of healing. The Penitent may not have the potency of the Priest but he will gain that precious Empowered x3 Token from his Penance special ability each time he succeeds as he gives some of his life for the other.
At Cooldown 3 the Penitent gets more utility that helps control the field. The knockback on 'Shield Bash' can be extremely effective if lined up correctly due to the enemy losing HP from things it collides with. 'Taunt' is a staple for tanking builds and is one of the best ways in the game to save someone's life. You just have to take the hit yourself. There is no negative to having everyone on 1 HP at the end of the encounter but losing people or having them go unconscious does have long lasting consequences.


Although this is public knowledge and available to you at the start of the campaign if you would like to keep unlocked abilities a surprise please skip to the end.

Level 2
Once the Penitent reaches level 2 he unlocks 'Repel' and 'Judgement'. As mentioned above, knockback is extremely useful. This one does not come with an attack, is cheaper and lower cooldown but can have a huge knockback depending on how low the the Penitent’s HP is. 'Judgement' is how you turn those melee weapons and shields into projectiles. It deals huge damage but you need to combine it with some movement to catch it on the rebound, as all thrown weapons fall into an adjacent hex to the target after being flung.

Level 5
By level 5 the Penitent is really leaning into his glorious death thing. 'Death Wish' is potentially one of the most damaging attacks in the game but you're asking for it if anyone survives. 'Blessing' is the same with a large bonus to the Free Company that comes cheap depending on how much HP you have lost.

Level 10
At 10 the Penitent levels up his single target damage with 'Zeal'. This one puts out a lot of damage when the Penitent is on low health but until then it may be an inefficient card. This really encourages you to take a few licks early in the game. It is also a favourite of the 2-handed Penitent, who generally draws higher Might Cards, making triggering the effect more likely.

'Intervention' is another great way to save someone’s life and get angry whilst doing so. Many a Witch or Ranger will be indebted to you after this one.

Level 15
Finally at 15 the Penitent gets a bucket-load of damage output in 'Reflection' and 'Righteous Strike'. The last word in getting the last word, 'Reflection' allows you to use your enemy's might against them, which is very helpful when they are several tons muscle and spikes. 'Righteous Strike' allows the Penitent to remember his roots as a holy warrior. Any attack that gives you a redraw will allow you to dig deep from the Might Deck and push your luck. The fact it can come cheap with low HP is even better.

Your Free Company is going to get hurt a lot in the Deepwood. Why not use that to your advantage? The Penitent comes out swinging and goes down hard. Taking hits for the team whether he is tanking or damage dealing. He revels at being in the thick of it, taking one on the chin to only batter his assailant twice as hard in return. Each blow is another chance to atone for one of the sins on the scrolls of his armor, the inscription washed away by a coating of shed blood.

Armory Options

We had hoped to have a Warden armory video for you but the shipment got delayed by a few days and so will be arriving tomorrow, which is of no help to the update today.  The upside is we should have a bumper video next month. 

Penultimate Rulebooks

 Thanks to all you amazing rules fans out there who gave us great feedback on the last rule books, we now have the prefinal rulebooks for your viewing pleasure.  These will be going out to the printer at the end of this week but we wanted to give you one last shot at improving them and giving feedback. 

A crisp Hi 5 to anyone who can find an error in these ones. Please send your feedback to 

Normal Mode vs Hardcore Mode Poll Results

Last month we wanted to know how many of you would be opting to start with the normal difficulty mode and how many of you would be interested in diving right into the deep end with the extra challenge of hardcore mode. Looking at the numbers, a good portion of you are bigger gluttons for punishment than we anticipated! As expected, the majority of you are sticking with normal mode, but we salute the 24% of you who will likely be permanently 'retiring' many of your Free Company throughout the course of your first campaign.

Painting Miniatures Poll

Now for a question of aesthetics: are you planning on painting your minis? If so, how?

Painting Minis Poll:

The poll is a one click poll with the results shown afterwards. Thanks for voting.

Now, we're going to go back into our cave and keep working on this thing in the shadows.  Next month we will have the last of our character deep dives and also have all the latest news from around the Deepwood. 

Until then, keep one hand on your blade and the other on the Wire Road.

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