Limbo: Eternal War 1.5 (Canceled)
by Limbo Miniatures
A skirmish miniatures game where each player will take control of a small army, fighting a battle as part of a larger war.

July 2021, Adelaide, AU, AU
20:59 - 31 July 2021

Update #4

Aslan Captains

Hey All, Vincent Here.

While Bannister is working on the gameplay video (poor Banni got his first video crashed when saving and the latest one still need a few more hours to upload), I'm here to make a quick update.

First of all, thank you guys all for all the kind words, suggestions and keep staying with us, to compensate the lost of Aphroditus and Alicia, let me introduce Lance, the youngest Aslan Tiger Claw Captain,  is now our new bonus miniature for all pledges include Core game OR Noadin expansion. 

He was a reckless boy and made many mistakes, just like us :P

Now he is on the way to become the real knight and I'm hoping our campaign is also on the right track.

I hope you like him.
 A thief is usually killed when he is caught by the Royal Tiger Army. But it was Barristan who saved him. A young man that was full of heart, he would roam the streets of Leos and take what he felt he deserved. Food, Money, Women. These three points were the reason for his existence. No matter who he hurt or what he did he only worked to fulfill his goals.

One fateful encounter in the market would change his life to one that he would deem burdensome. As he approached a stall and grabbed a delicious apple from the stand he was suddenly grabbed by a man who had been standing next to him. He tried to get away but the strength of the male was immense.

The man tossed Lance and he fell hard onto the ground. As he struggled to stand up the male kicked him in the stomach and launched him several feet away as he crashed into another stall. Lance knew what was happening now. He had been caught by the hidden guards that are assigned to hunt the most troublesome people in Leos. He did not understand why he was being targeted though.

“You should not have approached the Noble’s Daughter”

Daughter? When did that happen? The man approached him and drew a blade.

“I was told to hurt you and make you regret living,” he dug the blade into Lance’s stomach, “But I will tell him you fought and caused me to take your life.”

Lance could feel the knife burning inside him. He could feel his life draining away. But then the man disappeared. A loud crash was heard several yards away as a stall exploded. A new older man stood over him. Lance recognized him as a captain in the army.

“You seem to attract trouble wherever you go,” the man chuckled as he knelt down next to Lance, “Your mouth can get you into trouble, but maybe it can get you out of it as well. Tell me you will do whatever I ask and I will save you.” He had a smile across his face but the seriousness of his words struck Lance deep down.

Lance would accept his deal and find out that his request was something that he would hate. To serve in the Army under him and learn all he could. Little did he know that Barristan had been following him for some time now. He saw the way Lance could communicate and his resourcefulness on the streets. He was a perfect candidate to become a claw. With Barristan’s rigorous training Lance would become a Claw who was not entirely strong, but intelligent and quick to change the tides of the battle.

Lance never did get to eat that Apple.

 Oblivion Pledge

With some requests to bring back Alicia and Aphroditus, now we are offering something better, the Aslan Heroes Expansion Box that contains Two Claws and Three Petals. Now it is available for purchase as add on, and we also update the "Oblivion" Pledge for the gaming ALL-IN pledge before we introduce 75mm resin miniatures in future. This will be the 1.5 Core boxes,  plus the Saga of Noadin expansion box, the Angel heroes expansion box, Demon heroes expansion box, Aslan heroes expansion box and all unloced stretch goals, and the CHIBI Wrath Sheep!
Hope this update serves you well,  and stay tuned for Banni's gameplay video in next couple hours. (I'm sure some of you already saw some screenshots on Discord, join us here

Vincent, Bannister & Justin

This is only a preview of update. Read full version on update's page on Kickstarter.