Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
Setting: Western
November 2016, Glendale, Queens, NY, US
4:46 - 31 July 2021

Update #87

Kingdom Death Family

Dear Kingdom Death family, 

The world sure has made things tough and it doesn't seem like its gonna let up anytime soon. I offer you my words of support, that yes, you can do it! And we will get through this! And more importantly, I assure you that we have been giving the Gamblers Chest Expansion, everything we've got and more. Together you gave me the opportunity and patience to truly go wild. And together we will confront the Gambler and the fearsome Godhand!

Gambler Chest Expansion

As of this moment, we have 3 separate playtest teams aggressively running the Gamblers Chest Campaign using the simulator we built to support our new remote workstyle. Every week, the notes are complied and adjustments are made before they venture back into the darkness battle anew. The sim is shining, allowing us to work faster and more efficiently than we had even in person.

  • 23 of the 26 new story events in the campaign are finished.
  • Finalized rules have been complied and are going into layout monday.
  • Rulebook is looking like 150ish pages.
  • The King, Gambler and Godhand need more TLC. The other monsters are finished barring minor tweaks.
  • With the story events about to wrap, our illustration team will focus on finishing the artwork for all the philosophies and knowledge cards next. There is probably about 60 small illustrations left to finish there.
  • I managed to sneak one last suprise into the GCE, but this one might have to wait until it finally arrives. It's a small thing!

Currently, I think we will be wrapping up towards the end of this October, then it'll be most likely a month of copy editing and small final corrections. Honestly the biggest set back I foresee, is what might happen on a personal level with COVID come this school year. We may end up changing areas or back in some form of remote which is disruptive. I don't want to burn out right at the end of this marathon!

The Smog Singer and Crimson Crocodile Armors have been finished and approved. Which means all of the plastic for the Gamblers Chest is complete!
The Smog Singer Armor is my new absolute favorite!

One of our playtesters favorite moment with the Scout System described as a little comic! 
Few more favorite moments:

"My favorite moment was when we built the Scout Lantern and immediately Scouted Murder and Plague."

"Taking our fists to Smog Singers because they destroyed our backs with the Devil's Melody."

"We also had a scout do a final wound with their fists instead of performing Logistics of Death, then return to a settlement where they were the only remaining survivor."

"My favorite moment so far was our first Bone Eaters encounter. The first Bone Eater to move rolled a lantern 10, and its Opportunity card made all the other Bone Eaters gain Toned. We'd heard Encounters were on the easier side, but monster turn one they launched into us with a series of gut punches that knocked everyone down and killed one survivor. We pressed on, beaten and bruised, even though we probably should have just went home."

"Oh, there was a funny moment where we broke a founding stone because it gained frail from Impermanism. I liked to imagine the look on that survivor's face as her supposedly unbreakable weapon crumbled in her hands!"

My promise, is that we will finish development on this project this year. I have however been working on it with the intent of finishing ASAP. I typically work two shifts a day for a total of 12-14 hours. Everyday we get a little further, until the day comes when it's finished.

Oh, there are also 3 new stats for Arc Survivors here is the symbolic art for one of them.. Lumi!

Campaigns of Death & Wave 4

Here is a long comment i left in the comments section:

"Without the illustrations, photos and fluff an honest picture is sort of hard to give. I am happy to share where those things are right now.

COD - All of the expansions had a pair of developers working on small tweaks and adjustments for over a year. Those are waiting on myself and Anna to finalize. All of the Story Events and rulebooks were converted to our new files (many of them used to be PSD because I prefer to “think” in photoshop. As we are planning on reprinting all the story events from all the expansions in a single more convenient book, which will include said tweaks. The Strain system took a lot and I mean a lot of back and forth, but I had to nail it down before I could retake the helm of the GCE, since so much foundational work has been going into these two projects. I have a basic script for the new campaigns featured, and we have sculpted everything except the Resin ball for the Baron Beetle. I wanted it to have certain, specific details on it.

The Inverted mountain has seen significant development (mostly by Anna) on all the monsters, except the Mountain Man, wherein we need more finalized campaign testing to make a proper end boss. Barash and Anna have had many developmental experiments into a sub system that layers within that campaign where insanity becomes more of a mechanic, so low survival, high insanity campaign.

The Abyssal Woods have had the least work, with just the Sprial / Snail Knight seeing the most action. Currently we have a new round of developers, people with prior professional experience that our “tastemaker” is leading thru our new design process which is “Sorry Adam is too busy to teach you how to make KD content, your gonna have to bang your head against me and the playtest team until this stuff naturally flows out of you”.

Years ago Anna and myself spent a great deal of time trying to train a writing team. This lead to content that was good, but we still had to guide along every step of the way leading us to wonder… why aren’t we just writing this ourselves? I didn’t start KD with the intent of training people, but more because I had a dream and felt I needed to pursue it. Right before covid hit, we had finally made that transition to free me up to writing with much much more of my time.

The Showdown Board is still being tweaked, we really want to go the route of separate tiles, as it will allow us to make modular terrain tiles unto the future. But it is a MUCH heavier design lift. As we now need to make a base and are still tinkering for how that might work. The Wanderers will most likely ship with COD, as their base system is part of the GCE, as promised. So, even if the new round of developers does not work out, I am now in a position to at the very least, take the drafts and use that as a guiding point to either quickly finish up that monsters dev cycle, or to steer it into a direction that will work.

At this point, because we have so much content and are still challenging ourselves to make things that feel “fresh” the design process can often be starting from a pile of ideas that didn’t quite work, didn’t land or fell short of really getting us excited on the table or telling its own story thru gameplay.

Miniature wise, we are very very much ahead which is wonderful. There isn’t much left to finish model wise for wave 3 or 4.

The SIM is a huge boon. As we can now play remotely, with anyone at anytime and connect to our large database of years and years of compounded playtesting instantly. A public release of it is not my focus, but holy F**K I think you will love it, once we can do that. I know the follow up question is “when?” and for that I don’t have an answer.

My focus is only on the GCE.

Oh I should add that the story beats for the Abyssal Woods and the Ivory Dragon expansion have already been written.”

Legendary Card Pack

This will be finished printing on August 6th! Since these are small and light, we are going to eat the cost and air freight it to avoid insane shipping delays. We *SHOULD* see them reaching your hands in september.

Core Game 1.6

The first batch of these will be finished printing August 10th. I cannot perdict how shipping these will go, but I imagine there will be massive delays. Ports are backed up, there is a shortage of truckers. I have friends whom have been stuck with dozens of containers worth of inventory, unable to ship them to clients. I'll keep everyone that pre-orderd these up to date as they are shipped.


We are getting closer to that moment... wherein we can hold hands and explore the darkness together!

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