Rampage Dungeon - Seamless Interlocking Dungeon Tiles
by Architects of Destruction
Transporting and setting up is easy as you build complete rooms and place them on the table as you explore. Injection molded
Setting: Fantasy
September 2018, Concord, CA, US
4:36 - 31 July 2021

Update #73

Production Paint Jobs

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all staying safe out there. It looks like we are not completely out of the woods yet with Covid. One of our team and his family got Covid a few weeks ago, but luckily they are better now, It was a bit of scare.

Going to make this a quick update showing a couple photos of the finished production paint jobs for the Niche, Mortuary, and Dwarven walls. Also the finished Dwarven door.

We will post another update this coming week showing a larger build, along with the finished Demon and Dwarven Column paint jobs.

We are not ready to give an update shipping date just yet. Once we have a better grip on how much longer the remaining molds will take, we will give a shipping date. The plan is still the same, we will be shipping out International orders first, then the wave 2 US orders.


Jamison & The AOD Team

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