Shacksburg Dwellers I

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This set contains some miniatures that are RESIN ONLY and others that will print SUPPORTLESS on FDM. Please check the pictures included to know which miniatures print in which method. One of the miniatures (Trifisher Kroaken) requires basing as well. You can get free miniatures bases in this set if you need any.

Shacksburg is our second major series of Swamp Terrain following the massive Swamp of Sorrows Kickstarter. Shacksburg is a different kind of swamp than the rest of Aach'yn. Far beyond civilization in the wetlands of the High Zafiri Wilds, the races of the swampfolk have achieved peace and harmony with nature. The Bayou Cavalry patrols for threats, and the great Dragon Xy Gamus has long been a defender of the swamplands. Shacksburg is the nexus of this great middle kingdom. A city of wood stacked on wood, dutifully stewarding the bogs and fenwood of the High Zafiri Wilds.

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