The Enchanted Hot Spring

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Comes in 14 parts, STL and supported Lys files. 75mm scaled.


"Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the mountains of Japan, there was an enchanted hot spring. The villagers believed that anyone who bathed in the spring would be blessed with youth and vitality.

One day, an elderly lady named Tama decided to give it a try. She made her way to the spring, undressed, and stepped into the warm waters. As she bathed, she felt her wrinkles begin to fade and her aches and pains disappear. She felt like a new woman.

From that day on, Tama made it a habit to bathe in the enchanted spring every day. She noticed that she was not only feeling younger, but she was also looking younger. Her gray hair turned black and her skin became smooth and wrinkle-free.

The villagers marveled at Tama's transformation and soon many of them began to follow her lead and bathe in the spring as well. But Tama had a secret that none of them knew. She had made a deal with the spirit of the spring. She had promised to take care of the spring and keep it clean and pure in exchange for youth and vitality forever.

And so Tama spent her days tending to the spring, ensuring that it was always clean and clear. And in return, she remained young and vibrant for the rest of her days. She was a true guardian of the enchanted hot spring."



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