Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound (eBook)

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! The earth heaves and the skies shudder as the Bloodbound slaughter all in their path. Hellish axes lop heads, sever limbs and tear ragged wounds in reality itself. Monstrous cannibal warriors clad in red, black and brass smash their foes into the bloody ground, roaring their hatred as they maim and kill. Everywhere, the chosen of Khorne rip their enemies apart with terrifying strength and shed rivers of gore in the name of their war‑hungry god.

Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound tells of the most fearsome of Khorne’s mortal servants. Within this book you will find:

The history of Khorne’s domination of the Mortal Realms, and the stories of some of the Blood God’s most feared champions.
Detailed descriptions of the forces of the Khorne Bloodbound and some of the many warbands that battle for control of the Mortal Realms.
3 Battleplans that allow you to use your Khorne Bloodbound collection in unique ways on the tabletop
17 Warscrolls covering the entire range of Khorne Bloodbound Citadel Miniatures, including several unique heroes such as Valkia the Bloody.
9 Warscroll Battalions with different combinations of models, each with their own unique special rules.

Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound is available in two editions, designed to provide the best reading experience on mobile phones and tablets. But you don’t have to choose – buying your copy from will allow you to download both versions, so you’ll always be able to have the right edition on your device.

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