White Consuls Parade Ready Paint Bundle

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Get the paints you need to paint your White Consuls to a Parade Ready standard. This noble Chapter was created to guard the Eye of Terror – you'll have them defending the galaxy from heretics, xenos, witches, and anything else that might threaten the Imperium in no time at all with this convenient bundle. You'll also save money when compared with buying the paints individually.

This bundle includes:
– Celestra Grey
– Drakenhof Nightshade
– Ulthuan Grey
– White Scar
– Abaddon Black
– Eshin Grey
– Dawnstone
– Bugman’s Glow
– Reikland Fleshshade
– Cadian Fleshtone
– Kislev Flesh
– Leadbelcher
– Ironbreaker
– Nuln Oil
– Thousand Sons Blue
– Ahriman Blue
– Temple Guard Blue
– Retributor Armour
– Gehenna’s Gold
– Khorne Red
– Wazdakka Red
– Rakarth Flesh
– Pallid Wych Flesh
– Agrax Earthshade
– Astrogranite

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