Preacher Josef

Based in the Schola Progenium habitat orbiting the planet Golian. Josef once was a petty officer in the Imperial navy. After rescuing the Cardinal of Ophelia from ork boarders he was transfered to Golian to pass his formidable fighting skills to otential commissars, and naval officers. Sculpted by Mark Bedford, this boxed set contains one Preacher Josef model which requires Assembly

Preacher Josef, Schola Progenium Drill Abbot

Based in the Schola Progenium habitat orbiting Golian, Josef Khoriv was once a petty officer in the Imperial Navy. He was part of a boarding party which freed Cardinal Symien of Ophelia from an Ork pirate ship, protecting the high ranking clergyman during their harried escape. So impressed was Symien that he had Josef transferred to Golian to pass on his skills to the potential Commissars, clergyman and naval officers in the habitat. Unfortunately, Josef's adventures weren't over, as Golian was actually being controlled by an alien-worshipping cult infected by mind-controlling creatures known as Genestealers. It was upon uncovering this fact that Josef rallied his students about him and expunged the cult from the orbiting station, earning himself the attention of the Inquisition. It was Inquisitor Covenant who arrived to investigate the incident and, like the Cardinal before him, was so impressed by Josef's resourcefulness and bravery, that he requisitioned his services.

Josef is right-handed.

Equipment: Great hammer; armoured gauntlets; advanced bionic ear; 2 points of armour on all locations except head.

Special Abilities: Force of will; Furious assault; Word of the Emperor.

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