Sgt Dorian Black

Dorian Black is a Cadian psychic null whose qualities are highly sought after by the Inquisition. After being arrested Dorian Black was given the choice of death or joining the warband of Inquisitor Eisenhorn. Rules for Sergeant Dorian Black can be found in the Inquisitor 2004 annual. The box contains one complete Dorian Black model.

Sgt Black is right-handed

Equipment: Lasgun (Mars Pattern); Flak Armour; Knife; 3 Choke Grenades.

Special Abilities: Quickload, Pariah.

Pariah - The character has little to no presence in the Immaterium. For that reason no psychic powers maybe used directly against him. Also, any Psychic power used or directed at anyone or thing within 10 yards of the Pariah suffers a -50% difficulty modifier in addition to any other modifiers. Daemons and Creatures of the warp cannot see a Pariah but can be aware of his actions ie hear his weapon firing, moving an object etc. To spot a Pariah a Daemonic entity must pass a -40% Initiative test. If the Pariah Character has been making noise as explained above then the modifier is -20%. Additional mods can be made for shooting a Pariah if the GM desires.

Sergeant Dorian Black

Sergeant Black was born on the Imperial planet of Cadia, which is located close to the realspace /warpspace overlap commonly known as the Eye Of Terror. The forces of Chaos have spewed forth from the Eye of Terror for the last ten millennia, ever since the remnants of the Traitor Space Marine Legions fled there at the end of the Horus Heresy. The first major Imperial outpost in the path of the vengeful Chaos forces is Cadia. As a result the people of that planet have become hardened to the ways of war. It is said that Cadian children learn to load a lasgun before they can walk, and that Cadian mothers will smother at birth any child that shows even the slightest hint of mutation or deformity. If this is true then Sergeant Black was fortunate indeed to survive the first hours after his birth, for he has been marked out from other men with an extraordinarily rare mutation. Fortunately for Black the mutation is one that affects the soul rather than one's appearance, and thus he survived the hard-eyed gaze of his Cadian birthmother.

The mark that Black bears is that of the psychic null known to Imperial scolars as a Pariah, an affliction that affects only a handful of children across the whole galaxy in each generation. Most humans have a corresponding presence in the parallel dimension known as the Warp. This 'soul', for want of a better term, can be seen and attacked by psychically attuned creatures such as Daemons or Enslavers, and also by psykers of the different races that inhabit the material universe. A psychic null does not appear to have this presence in the Warp, or if they do it is so well shielded or hidden as to be invisible. This renders the null all but invulnerable to any form of psychic attack or power, for such attacks actually affect a creature's presence in the Warp (or their soul, if you will) rather than their physical body. The ability also makes the null nearly invisible to creature's that normally inhabit the Warp, as they 'see' the Warp rather than the material plane, even if they inhabit the material plane at the time. A Daemon will therefore only be dimly aware of the presence of a psychic null, and will only be able to attack them by guessing where they are from the actions that they carry out.

Such a power is extremely valuable, but it is not without serious drawbacks. Many never know the benefits of the power that they bear, but they will be all too horribly aware of the effect it has on normal people, as being a Pariah sets the person apart from the rest of Humanity. All humans are able to sense very slightly the presence in the Warp of those people around them. Most are unaware of this ability, or attribute it to other things, like being a good judge of character, or being able to sense another person's 'aura'. However everyone is able to do it, which makes being confronted by a Pariah a distinctly unsettling experience. The Pariah appears human, but their lack of presence in the Warp renders them alien and different to the rest of the race they belong to. It dooms the Pariah to a life of solitude and rejection, often for no apparent reason.

Sergeant Black therefore grew up isolated and alone, set apart from his peers and family. He learned to rely only on himself, and to assume that there was a deep flaw in his character that meant he would forever be alone. But Cadia is above all a military society, and like all able-bodied citizens Black was called upon to serve in the Cadian shock troops. Although rejected by his comrades on a personal level, none could question his ability as a warrior, for Black is blessed with physical strength, fast reflexes and an unshakable resolve. These talents meant that while his affliction meant that Black would never achieve high rank, he quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant and then Veteran Sergeant.

Until this time Black's invulnerability to psychic attack and invisibility to creatures of the Warp had not been apparent. Even Cadian troops, fighting in the frontline of the war against the incursions of Chaos, can serve their entire military career without ever seeing a psyker or Daemon, let alone being attacked by one.

Sergeant Black was therefore lucky, in many ways, to be singled out for special duty during the suppression of a Chaos cult on the mining colony of Misril VIII. One of the ringleaders was suspected of having made his lair deep underground in a set of disused mineshafts and Black's squad was one of many sent to hunt the suspect down. Black's men were the first to find the heretic's hidden lair and in the fierce battle that ensued it was revealed that he was a pyromancer - a psychic adept able to create an inferno from thin air. All five of Black's men were burnt to death in the battle, but Black himself survived unscathed having broken the pyromancer's neck with his bare hands.

Such prodigious good fortune does not go unnoticed in the Imperial Guard, and Black was quickly imprisoned as a suspected heretic following the battle. While Black languished in the cells awaiting execution for his crimes against the Imperium, friendless and alone as ever, he was visited by Inquisitor Eisenhorn, who had been one of the chief architects behind the destruction of the Chaos cult. Eisenhorn's powerful psychic abilities allowed him to very quickly ascertain that Black was actually a Pariah and therefore a most useful agent. Given a choice between death or membership of Eisenhorn's infamous entourage of cold-hearted mercenaries, Black chose to follow the stern-faced Inquisitor. He has served Eisenhorn loyally ever since.

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