Rat Ogre

When Skaven teams want to add a bit of punch to their line-up, the most popular option is to recruit a Rat Ogre. Created through an unholy combination of selective breeding, dark sorcery and warpstone-enhanced surgery, these monstrous brutes stand twice the height of their team-mates. Their crushing fists, razor-sharp fangs and single-minded devotion to slaughtering anything that isn't wearing their team's colours make them a real asset on the pitch. Coaches should be warned that training a rat ogre to pick up a ball is unlikely to go well, and indeed, getting one to do anything other than rip opposing players to shreds is always going to be a challenge. But then, that's what the rest of the team's for, right?

Field the Rat Ogre as a Big Guy for any Skaven team with this resin kit. Bursting out of his armour, muscular frame covered in raised welts and gashes, this is a miniature that truly means business; from his eager claws to the sharp blades tied haphazardly to his tail. His rules are available in Blood Bowl Death Zone Season One.

The 9-component resin kit includes 2 32mm round bases, one featuring a hole to slot a ball into, indicating possession of the ball in your games of Blood Bowl.

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